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Labor Safety Service

HSE Georgia

Working in the safe environment is the top priority for employers & employees. Apart from the standard HSE system there are so many tiny details that need to be adjusted to achieve the perfectly secured and safe place. ..

დოკუმენტების წარმოება და კონტროლი

Creating the legal documents are inevitable and crucial part of the HSE system development. It’s also mandatory to have paperwork in order to prevent government litigations.

თანამშრომლების სწავლება

It’s important that all the personnel acknowledge their personal responsibility for HSE. Since every single employee must know how to deal with HSE risks and we tutor and prepare them for various kinds of situations..

რისკების შეფასება

Auditing the HSE Risks are crucial in our job. Once the examination process is complete, we present it to the customer and are also able to identify what amount work needs to be done..

გაზომვითი სამუშაოები

Every company needs to examining the macro-factors such as Noise, Air Speed, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity, Dust & etc. Measuring them will determine what kind of preparation & equipment will be proper for your working environment..

აკრედიტირებული კადრის გამოყოფა

Each of our customers get the account manager - a professional who’s responsible for all the actions regarding HSE system development...

იურისტის მომსახურება

There are no many professionals in this field on the market, but still - GeoSafety is associated with the best lawyers who are ready to take any necessary action to protect our customers from any kind of legal danger...

ხარჯების ოპტიმიზაცია

At the beginning of the partnership we show and ensure our customers how we can optimize their budget in the HSE field..

GeoSafety offers to perform Covid-19 Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) (produced in America) to individuals and corporations. The test is performed to pinpoint ribonucleic acid (RNA) from saliva or a nasal swab.


GeoSafety offers its customers a full-service in the Health, Safety & Environment field. It has a goal to serve the manufacturer-type companies in the whole country - evaluate their working processes, analyze their risks and offer them the tailored solutions. we work HSE in Georgia since 2018.


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